Why Rehab Programs Can Take a Long Time

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation never comes easy. Patients simply don’t develop self-control overnight, and start saying “No” to the substances they have grown addicted to. There is never any guarantee that they will stay free of these substances when they leave the rehab facility.

Rehab programs vary in length of time, depending on the patient’s situation–some cases may require only a few days, while others can last for years. While therapists detoxify patients, they also teach them how to make sound decisions in life that can help them turn away from addiction. Unlike detoxification, learning life lessons can take a long time.

Drug and alcohol addiction not only affects the physical but also the emotional state of a person. Additionally, addiction has an effect on several parts of the brain, including those that govern feelings of motivation, controlling behavior, and learning. Reversing the effects of addiction on these brain parts can take time.

Rehab facilities are willing to help patients rejoin society no matter how long it takes. It’s one thing to cure the body of what ails it; it’s another to help the person develop the attitude and the will to avoid making the same mistakes again. An effective rehab program thus not only involves taking medications, but also counselling and therapy that can instill the desire for a lifestyle geared toward a better well-being.