The Role of Rehabilitation Centers in St. Louis

Alcohol and drug abuse is a global problem. The World Health Organization says that 3.3 million people die every year due to excessive drinking, and 15.3 million develop complications from drug addiction. It’s important, then, for every nation to play its part in quelling this problem. The presence of reliable rehabilitation centers in St. Louis, Missouri and elsewhere is proof of the United States’ commitment to the cause.

Missouri is no stranger to substance abuse, with about 10,600 persons in the state reported to have entered rehab in 2010 due to alcohol abuse; and another 8,605 for alcohol and secondary drug addiction. Rehabilitation centers play a crucial role in helping these individuals recover, first by addressing their addictions, then by treating the disorders that may have resulted from these addictions. These facilities are also tasked to educate their patients and other people about substance abuse, especially on how to avoid it.

However, rehab centers don’t just provide treatments and disseminate information. They also give emotional support through their counselling and therapy services. Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy without encouragement and backing from other people. If relatives and close friends are absent, then it falls on the rehab staff to support their patients every step of the way.

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