Relapse Prevention: Biggest Test in Alcohol Rehab

Relapse is the one thing that scares recovering addicts and alcoholics the most. It not only undoes weeks or even months of work by both the patient and the rehab center, but, worse, could also be the start of the road back to addiction. While a reputable St. Louis alcohol rehab center can be relied on to lend a hand, preventing relapse ultimately falls on the patient, who has to exert all efforts to put everything he or she has learned into good use.

In many cases, relapse occurs when the patient encounters stress and/or anxiety after checking out of rehab. Having a positive outlook in life and sufficient emotional support from loved ones can go a long way in relieving such pressures. It would also help if the patient prepares for worst case scenarios where he or she will be confronted with strong temptations, such as when attending a party where alcohol is served. In such an event, it’s important for a recovering alcoholic to muster enough courage and simply say “no” when offered a drink.

Perhaps the best way to prevent relapse is to simply become proactive. If a recovering alcoholic feels restless, then he or she should look to friends and relatives for support, rather than take a sip and see what happens. Having a therapist on call is also helpful, especially if the symptoms of alcoholism and addiction somehow resurface.

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